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EMI was born amidst the regional market’s increasingly rising demand for medical and personal protective equipment, and its establishment came as a strategic move for Eastern Investment Group Holding to control and evade the shortage in medical-grade personal protective equipment during the uncertain times that recently more than ever, became crucial to humankind evolution and preservation.

The group, which has more than a quarter-century experience in fields such as aviation, support services, training, security, hotels and tourism, heavy and light industries, digital media, marketing and alternative energy, took it upon itself to fulfil the markets’ need for top-of-the-line medical protective equipment, especially with the market flooding with counterfeit and unreliable products.

EIGH injected millions of dollars into EMI’s infrastructure to procure state of the art industrial equipment and create the best quality-controlled personal protective equipment in the market. EMI’s value-added competitive edge in the manufacturing industry and innovative efforts provide the most reliable product and set it apart due to the customised nature of the offerings and solutions, as well as its unparalleled quality-assurance practices.