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Co-owned by Eastern Holding and Royal Jordanian Airways, JATS is the oldest and most advanced aviation training center in the Middle East. From its headquarters in Amman, Jordan, JATS provides varied training for pilots and airline crew across a wide range of simulators for pilots from across the world.

Since 1972, over 100,000 Commercial Pilots and Cabin Crew have enjoyed their professional training with JATS. JATS is now considered to be the only center outside the European Union which offers aviation training to European crews through its TRIO Certification.

JATS has differentiated itself as a high quality, professional aviation training center in the MENA region. JATS offers a comprehensive range of training programs and courses for cockpit, cabin crew and aviation technical professionals. The company offers a pleasant aviation training experience, covering scheduling, assist with hotel accommodation, free transportation between hotels and JATS, and a friendly meet-and-greet at the airport.

JATS’ extensive training facilities now include combined Airbus and Boeing simulators, which provide complete training packages that offer a wide range of simulator and classroom-based instruction for cockpit crews, cabin crews and airline staff from the international airline community.

JATS offers a variety of training services and facilities, which include:

  1. Full motion flight simulators A320, A320-200, A310, B767, B737 NG and Embraer 170/190.
  2. Technical Training.
  3. In-flight and Service Training.
  4. Flight Crew Training.
  5. Maintenance & Engineering Training.
  6. MBA degree in Aviation management for Pilots and Engineers, fully taught and accredited by Coventry University-UK.


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