EIGH continually pursues diversification of our business interests offering quality services and products. The diversity of our businesses makes us a resilient and flexible group and allows us to reach an expanding number of individuals and businesses.

Advancing our products and services means continuing research and development programs, improving product quality and performance, lowering costs, and exploring new markets.

Our focus on high performance standards results in mutually beneficial outcomes for both the group and the economies it operates in. Not only do high standards improve local capacity and competition, they also establish world-class practice among employees and partners, enabling their growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility is also central EIGH’s values. Dr Majid AlSadi’s early career saw him advising humanitarian organisations and he has maintained a genuine commitment to improving the conditions of regional communities and throughout his career.

EIGH is now a major contributor to humanitarian and charitable projects in the MENA region and internationally with the primary goals of improving daily living standards and cross-cultural understanding.

Hotels, their related services, and renewable energy are EIGH’s most recent ventures with the flagship Grand Millennium Hotel, Amman ranking as Jordan’s best luxury hotel. Green Solutions, established in 2015, is an innovative end-to-end renewable energy provider operating among diverse clients in Jordan.

The group uses an open expansion policy and aspires to continue its evolution into new territories with a portfolio that embraces progressiveness and professionalism.