Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer

Prof. Majid Alsadi

Prof. Majid AlSadi

was born in Basra, Iraq. After pursuing and attaining a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Coventry, United Kingdom, he established himself as a motivated and resilient businessman in the UK.

Following the Iran-Iraq war he moved into advising humanitarian organisations in Iraq and began to establish his own trading and supply networks for sought-after industrial equipment. With more geo-political disruption in 1991, Prof. AlSadi moved to Jordan where he established the Eastern Investment Group Holding .

Maintaining close ties to his Alma Mater university and business interests in the United Kingdom has seen Prof. AlSadi form strong bonds between the Middle East and the west. This experience is reflected in his commitment to improving cross cultural communication, cooperation and understanding.

Alongside the success of EIGH, Prof. AlSadi has been a major sponsor of several scholarship and cultural exchange programs between UK universities and the Middle East as well as being a major donor to independent charitable projects such the Mineseeker Foundation, Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans and Madrasati public schools initiative – among others.

HRH Princess Rym ‘Ali, Prof. Majid AlSadi and HRH Princess Rajwa Bint ‘Ali

Prof. AlSadi’s current major program – The AlSadi Changing Lives Program – has been running since 2012. The AlSadi Changing Lives Program seeks to impact the lives of British university students and Jordanian children and youth by bringing the two vastly different groups together to learn about the others culture, life and mentality. Local organisations facilitate the groups’ interactions and benefit from international experience, training and exposure.

Prof. AlSadi also serves his Iraqi compatriots in Jordan through his leadership of the Iraqi Business Council (IBC), which has been a key facilitator of Jordanian-Iraqi relations since 2006. The IBC now coordinates over $14 billion in Iraqi investments and trade in Jordan.