The idea of establishing the Iraqi Business Council (IBC) started on the grounds of the interest of some Iraqi investors and businessmen present in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, who concurred on the significance of forming an economic referential for themselves and whoever wished to join them contributing to the unification of their endeavors to achieve the required understanding and affinity aiming at effective partaking in exploring relative channels enabling those investors to take effective part in the reconstruction drive taking place in various fields in Iraq and fulfill the national role required at this stage to assist conquering all challenges and problems currently facing the great people of Iraq. The idea of establishing IBC met with the consent and endorsement of the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the competent commendable Jordanian Authorities approved the launching of the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan.

Highly competent and qualified elite Iraqi businessmen undertook the task of establishing the Iraqi Business Council, and since its procession early 2007, IBC did not only restrict its activities to adopt methods fortifying Iraqi investments in Jordan, resolving all defiances, generating novel and unique means to enhance and develop the economic, trade and investment cooperation between Iraq and Jordan and seeking opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, but outreached its activities to several social and humanitarian spheres of action aiming at providing support to the people of Iraq in and outside Iraq.