Eastern Investment Group Holding established in 1993, the group built its foundations on its first venture – the Arab Pumps Manufacturing Company – a pioneering Jordanian company manufacturing pumps designed for a harsh conditions with high concentrations of salt, sulphur and other corrosive agents.

Subsequently, EIGH has grown steadily to become a prominent Middle East investment and business group. EIGH has repeatedly set trends and redefined business’ understanding of just how diverse and adventurous an organization can be.

Being focused on the Middle East, many of EIGH’s projects and expansions have encountered different periods of regional instability. EIGHhas thrived however and is adept at negotiating the challenging business terrain of the region.

The group’s business entities now include eight companies operating in different industries. These include aviation and support services such as training, catering and duty free retail as well as industrial equipment, water treatment, security, education and training.

Hotels, their related services, and renewable energy are EIGH’s most recent ventures with the flagship Grand Millennium Hotel, Amman ranking as Jordan’s best luxury hotel. Green Solutions, established in 2015, is an innovative end-to-end renewable energy provider operating among diverse clients in Jordan.

The group uses an open expansion policy and aspires to continue its evolution into new territories with a portfolio that embraces progressiveness and professionalism.